The End of my Comfort Zone
"Dream big, work hard." - Justin James Watt
About me

The name is Annamarie and this new way of life is for one thing and one thing only, my health. Plain and simple! I'm tired of my body not being able to keep up with the lifestyle I know I deserve. No, I don't think I'm ugly or anything. I just finally feel that I love myself and since I do, I need to start giving my body the nutrients and exercise it needs. This time I feel I will be successful because I'm doing this for myself, not anyone else and that makes all the difference.

Welcome on my journey to a healthier life because healthier is happier! Yes, this is my second time around but at least I can say I NEVER gave up.


Age: 20
SW: 270
CW: 255
GW: 150ish



So today I had me a “sugar-free” smoothie, a 32 oz. I may add (I haven’t been able to chew food due to my new braces so it was my breakfast), and it was sweetened with something called Xylo Sweet. This stuff is supposed to be natural and all but what I didn’t know is that in large quantaties it has a laxative effect…until your body gets “used to it”. Something sounds seriously wrong with that statement. I can’t keep anything down and I think I’m dying…okay, not really. I may be exaggerating, a LITTLE but I’m pretty sure my stomach isn’t supposed to be able to carry on a conversation with a caveman. Ugh, why oh why me?

Any tips or similiar occurances happen to you? Please share! I’M DESPERATE.

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